WENDY JAY    EVENT:  Quarryman Challenge 5k/10mile  DATE:  05/13/2017  DIST:  5k  TIME:  25:02  AWARD:  Yes 1st AG  PR?:  no     LOUIS TRUFFA    EVENT:  quarryman challenge 5K  DATE:  05/13/2017  DIST:  5K  TIME:  25:06  AWARD:  AG 1st.  PR?:  no     TRACY ROSENSTIEHL    EVENT:  Virgin Money London Marathon  DATE:  04/23/2017  DIST:  26.2  TIME:  5:09:28  AWARD:    PR?:  yes     TRACY ROSENSTIEHL    EVENT:  Run The Bluegrass  DATE:  04/01/2017  DIST:  13.1  TIME:  2:11:57  AWARD:    PR?:  yes     LOUIS TRUFFA    EVENT:  Paliozoic Trail Run  DATE:  03/25/2017  DIST:  25k  TIME:  2:34:27  AWARD:  AG 1st.  PR?:  yes     JIM BRUCE    EVENT:  March Madness 1/2 Marathon  DATE:  03/19/2017  DIST:  13.1  TIME:  1:35:11  AWARD:  No  PR?:  no     JIM BRUCE    EVENT:  Running-O-Green  DATE:  03/05/2017  DIST:  8K  TIME:  34:12  AWARD:  Yes  PR?:  yes     JOSEPH WERNER    EVENT:  running o the green  DATE:  03/05/2017  DIST:  8k  TIME:  39:27  AWARD:  no  PR?:  no     MEGAN BREWCZYNSKI    EVENT:  Oak Forest Fleadh 5k  DATE:  03/04/2017  DIST:  3.1  TIME:  20:38:09  AWARD:  Yes  PR?:  no     JOSEPH WERNER    EVENT:  Frosty 5k  DATE:  01/14/2017  DIST:  3.1  TIME:  23:26  AWARD:  yes  PR?:  no  
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