WENDY JAY    EVENT:  Quarryman Challenge 5k/10mile  DATE:  05/13/2017  DIST:  5k  TIME:  25:02  AWARD:  Yes 1st AG  PR?:  no     LOUIS TRUFFA    EVENT:  quarryman challenge 5K  DATE:  05/13/2017  DIST:  5K  TIME:  25:06  AWARD:  AG 1st.  PR?:  no     TRACY ROSENSTIEHL    EVENT:  Virgin Money London Marathon  DATE:  04/23/2017  DIST:  26.2  TIME:  5:09:28  AWARD:    PR?:  yes     TRACY ROSENSTIEHL    EVENT:  Run The Bluegrass  DATE:  04/01/2017  DIST:  13.1  TIME:  2:11:57  AWARD:    PR?:  yes     LOUIS TRUFFA    EVENT:  Paliozoic Trail Run  DATE:  03/25/2017  DIST:  25k  TIME:  2:34:27  AWARD:  AG 1st.  PR?:  yes     JIM BRUCE    EVENT:  March Madness 1/2 Marathon  DATE:  03/19/2017  DIST:  13.1  TIME:  1:35:11  AWARD:  No  PR?:  no     JIM BRUCE    EVENT:  Running-O-Green  DATE:  03/05/2017  DIST:  8K  TIME:  34:12  AWARD:  Yes  PR?:  yes     JOSEPH WERNER    EVENT:  running o the green  DATE:  03/05/2017  DIST:  8k  TIME:  39:27  AWARD:  no  PR?:  no     MEGAN BREWCZYNSKI    EVENT:  Oak Forest Fleadh 5k  DATE:  03/04/2017  DIST:  3.1  TIME:  20:38:09  AWARD:  Yes  PR?:  no     JOSEPH WERNER    EVENT:  Frosty 5k  DATE:  01/14/2017  DIST:  3.1  TIME:  23:26  AWARD:  yes  PR?:  no  
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Upcoming Races

Poker Run

Palos Rec Center
Palos, IL

March 18, 2017
7:00 a.m.

You can pick up your first card starting at 6:45am. Upon arrival you will get a zip lock back with a numbered index card. The shortest possible distance to get six cards will be 4.25 miles. Your seventh and last card will come back at Running for Kicks. You will probably want to drive there.
We will have prizes for the best three hands.

There are no fees associated with this event.

You will get your first card at the start.
You will get your second card at the Key Hole. 11900 S. Winslow Rd 1.48-2.2 miles depending on route.

Third card will be handed out at Nadine’s Hill. 11900 S. 86th ave 1.72-3.36 miles

Fourth card will be handed out 11900 s. Kean ave. 2.42-4.16 miles

Fifth card will be handed out at 40 Acres Woods. 2.79-4.15 miles

Sixth card will be handed out at our 119th water stop when you’re east bound.

Your seventh and final card will be waiting for you at Running For Kicks where we will gather enjoy snacks and the company.
The store will open at 9:00am for us.
After you get your final card you can check and see if you have won a door prize and compare your hand to top three hands currently on the board.
You must be to the store and turn your hand in by 10:00am.
Depending on how many miles you plan on doing you might have to get in a couple miles and get back to the start before 7:00am.

I am looking for five volunteers to hand out cards on the route. If you or somebody you know can help please contact me at gokarts@juno.com

I am looking for a few door prizes, if you work someplace and can talk your boss into donating a small prize please let me know.