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Welcome to the Yankee Runner's website. We hope it gives you some direction with your running.  It has become a static site with links we hope you will find useful.


Since you're here let me put in a plug for our running club.  We run year round with group runs on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and during the summer, track work on Wednesday.  We are known for Marathon training. The reason for that is the program we volunteer to run is CARA's Summer Marathon Training Program which is a proven program.  The extra wrinkles we add make it the best program available in the southwest suburbs.  Our marathon program has runners who complete marathons in under three hours, others in six and a half and still others all times in between.   We invite runners of all paces to check out our training program and if you like what you see, we encourage you to sign up through CARA.


While we do marathon training very well as a club we are much more. There are NO FEES to join the YR's.  We have wonderful sponsors including Running for Kicks, Chris Cummings Attorney at Law, Southwest Paint, Spero Speropolis Real Estate.  Those along with two breakfast fundraisers provide us with all the funds we need. 


In addition to the normal group runs, we gather once per month for special events, races, social activities.   We look forward to meeting people new to running or just new to us. 


Please sign up below to receive club email announcements and be sure to follow us on FB.

If you have any questions contact me, Joe Werner, at

"The miracle is not in finishing;
the miracle is in having the heart to start"
Joe Werner

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