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Dry wet shoes by stuffing newspaper in shoes, if soaked then replace news paper after an hour or two.

For long runs over 1 hour you should consume some sort of fuel every 3 to 5 miles

Best way to tie your shoes!
This works!!
Watch the video.

Cut toe nails often

To get the best accuracy out of your GPS watch, Start it outside 5 minutes before you run as this will allow it to pickup more satellites and thus be more accurate.

Nothing new on Race Day!!!!

Tart Cherry Juice will act like a natural anti inflammatory.

Drink about 4 oz twice a day.

If you man runner and have issues with the "bleeding nips" use a compression shirt. If you avoid compression shirts because it accentuates bulging waist, then you snip off compression shirt in half and you can wear that underneath a regular shortsleeve shirt and the compression becomes an ad-hoc "man-bra!

(David Mauger "Frogger")

Ever wonder what to do with all those free chapsticks you end up with from race expos or in race packet/swag pickup? I have used them at times at various marathons, apply to nips or underarms or elsewhere to prevent chafing, even use it on toes and ball and heel of feet as proxy substitute when you don'f have or forgot the regular products sold for such purposes. And it's free !  

David Mauger (Frogger)

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