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My name is Major Nunn.  I was born and raised in St. Louis, MO.  My running background started on the soccer field and baseball diamond at age six.  It continued in other sports such as football, and basketball. Playing multiple sports has afforded me a diverse background of skills which includes running and conditioning.

Growing up, I lived right across the street from a park that has a 1 ½ mile loop around it.  Outside of the practices I had, I always ran around this park. As it got easier, I set another running goal which lead me to a bigger park with a 5.75 to 6 mile loop around it.

After I conquered that challenge, I set a loftier distance goal, not realizing at the time I would later get an opportunity to rise to the challenge at the 2006 Chicago Marathon, my very first.  The opportunity presented itself one day at church. My pastor’s wife had just come back from running the New York Marathon. She was so excited, therefore not only did she set a goal to run the Chicago Marathon the next year, but she would go on to bring some of us to Chicago with her.

Since then, I have run six successful marathons in three cities; Chicago (4), St. Louis, MO. (1), and Washington, D.C. (1).   I feel blessed to do what I do and would love to share that gift by leading and motivating others to reach their goals. By helping others reach their goals, I hope to encourage them to get motivated to win.

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