Head southwest on S Forest Glen Blvd away from Fire Station

0.4 mi Turn left onto 91st

0.55 mi Turn left onto W 126th St

0.8 mi Turn left onto 89th Ave

0.96 mi Turn right onto S Ridge Ave

1.13 mi Turn left onto S 88th Ave

1.61 mi Turn right onto W 120th St

1.85 mi Turn left onto S 86th Ave

1.98 mi Turn left onto W 119th St

3.22 mi Turn around at LaGrange and Head east on W 119th St

4.2 mi Turn right onto S 88th Ave

4.46 mi Turn right onto W 121st St

4.75 mi Turn left onto Spring Dr

5.2 mi Turn right onto W Forest Glen Blvd

5.36 mi Turn left onto 91st Ave

5.5 mi Turn left onto W 126th St

5.75 mi Turn left onto 89th Ave

5.91 mi Slight left onto Rosewood Ave

5.99 mi Turn right onto S Forest Glen Blvd

6.15 mi Destination

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