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My name is Tracey Escobedo. First and foremost I am the Mother of 3 amazing children. 
I was given the opportunity of a new life when I started to suffer from some serious health issues after years of neglecting our most important gift, my body. In 2012, I decided, it was time to reclaim my health. After all, I have 3 people counting on me. I started eating healthy and just walking. I had a good group of local Mom's who'd meet up in the evening and we'd walk around the school. As time went on, slowly, they all disappeared but I kept going, even alone in the dark, I never gave up. 
I had a friend who started running and doing races and as time went on, that little voice inside told me, well, heck, if she can do it, so can I. So I laced up the old, worn out Nikes I had, walked out my door and ran 6 miles. Not the best idea cause my feet throbbed for days and I could hardly walk. She mentioned to try out the couch to 5k program, take it slowly and get over to Running for Kicks and get some good shoes. 
I started to progress. And I started to fall in love with it. It's hard to put in words what running means to me. I decided to sign up for my 1st race. The Southwest Half marathon in Palos. I didn't know anyone. I showed up, ran a 2:10, grabbed my medal and a banana and went home. 
I did start to follow the Monday night runs from RFK but I was always too nervous to go. I finally caved. That's where I met some amazing people. The Yankee Runners and 4 years later the rest is history.
This will be my 3rd Chicago marathon and so far, my 5th marathon, which I am proud to say I qualified for. And the reason? Cause I started to believe in myself. And that's my goal as being your leader. To make you believe in yourself. Together, we will get through the short runs. The long runs. When it gets tough, I will be there to remind you, you can do this. Just believe in yourself. Whether this is your 1st or 10th, we will have an amazing 18 weeks together. I believe in the power of the group. I believe in the CARA program. I believe in the Yankee Runners. And most of all, I believe in you! 

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