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Dear Friends,

Once again, Jim’s Bridge to a Brighter Future is holding a post-holidays Donation Drive in partnership with $avers from now until February 1, 2019

Think of it as a TRIPLE WIN -  YOU get to declutter , Jim’s Bridge raises funds for school children in Chicago and we all help keep the environment a bit greener by reducing items sent to landfills!

Almost everything is accepted – clothing, shoes, bedding, accessories, small appliances, toys & games, sporting goods, books, DVDs (see the full list below).  Our charity will receive a donation from $avers for every pound that is collected through the Jim’s Bridge clothing drive! If we have more than 2500 lbs of soft goods they will reimburse us for the truck we rented!  I think we are already close to that, but we’d love more!!

If you have 2 or more bags/boxes, let us know and we can arrange a pickup or dropoff….whatever works best for you!   Just call/text me at 708-267-9343 or email

(For those of you running in the Palos area in the winter, you can give donated items to me on Saturday mornings at the Yankee Runner Hot Chocolate fun run, breakfast and fundraiser at the Palos Park Rec Center on February 2nd)

So if you are stuck inside because of the cold snowy weather….turn it into a win – bag up some lightly used items you no longer need and send them our way!

Let me know if you have any questions.  Thank you in advance...and feel free to pass this info along to your family and friends!



Items Accepted

  • Soft Goods: Clothing, shoes, bedding/towels, accessories – hats, mittens, scarves, ties, socks, purses, wallets, backpacks, bags, belts, and Jewelry

  • Hard Goods: Small appliances, toys & games, kitchen items, knick-knacks, sporting goods

  • Books and Media: Hard cover books, paperback books, CDs, and DVDs

  • No computer equipment, TVs or monitors, please.  They also do not accept furniture or large items that do not fit in a box or a bag.


See this link for more info on how $avers helps put your items to good use…and out of landfills

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