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Santa Sandbagger 5K

The Famous Yankee Runner Santa Sandbagger is back.


The Santa Sandbagger is a handicapped 5K formatted to allow you to compete against your toughest opponent, yourself. 


Parking for the event is at the usual winter course parking between the Palos Park Library and Firehouse. There will be an easy warm up to the start line at Walnut Ridge Dr. which is the top of everyone's favorite, Keyhole Loop. The loop is accessed northbound from Winslow Road and 119th Street. 


The loop is .6 of a mile so the 5k will be five clockwise laps. Now for the different part, the handicapping. The race will be over shortly after 8:00 am but will start at a different time for everyone. Your start time will be 8:00 am minus your 5K PR from the past year. Yes, not only do you have to race yourself but you have to race your really awesome self. Your reported PR is on the honor system but don't think for one second that the race committee and your fellow competitors will not do exhaustive searches of race results to ensure strict compliance.  If you do not have a recent 5K use this predictor,, inputting your BEST race of any distance from the last two years.The top three finishers, female and male, will receive fabulous prizes and bragging rights as the Sandbaggers of the Year.


Format Clarification:

A 38:00 minute PR 5K runner will proceed to Walnut Ridge Dr before 7:22 where they will be met by a race elf who will log their name and 5K PR. At 7:22 that runner will start their race off of the race elf's watch. A 30:00 5K runner will start at 7:30, a 16 minute runner at 7:44.  Yes gang, this is the race and the course that levels the playing field. 


No runners will be awarded a win if they cross the finish line before 8:00 am as no one participating in the spirit of the event can PR their 5K on this particular course this will also ensure that laps are not miscounted.


Registration Time & Location:

December 10. 

Your 5K PR plus a couple of minutes to register  before 8:00 am at 118th and S. Walnut Ridge of Keyhole Loop.


Entry Fee:

Recruit one new Yankee Runner in 2021. 


Award Ceremony:

8:20 in Firehouse lot after group recovery/war story telling/ cool down run back to the parking.



Bring your own bottle if needed, we don't want to make a mess, nor draw attention to our (non) event



If this format works out properly the entire field should finish within two minutes of each other so the race committee will have cameras stationed at the finish fireplug to sort the winners. The video of the last hill should be epic in any case. 



As the streets are open to traffic and this handicapping formula only works for older folks no runners under 18 please.

Park at the Rec. Center and do an easy run to the start.....

Be sure you get to the start on time!

Route to Start 1.21 miles

Start location is W. Winslow Rd and Walnut Ridge Drive.

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